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This demo version of Spellspun is limited to the first 4 levels. The game is currently in development, and many updates are coming soon!

Assume the role of Wren, a low-ranking mage, in his struggle to defend the Citadel against a truly sinister plot. His unwilling companion is Argenstrayd, an animate grimoire filled with both power and resentment. Employ an evolving spell system to strike against many enemies at once, defend yourself with walls of spinning blades, summon powerful spirits and more! Will you survive wave after wave of bloodthirsty monsters? Will you survive Argenstrayd's relentless criticism? Will you try to teach the ornery old book kindness and compassion, impress him with your tenacity, or find common ground in your ruthlessness? A world rich in magic and difficult choices awaits, and nothing is black and white!

Spellspun is a retro shooter, borrowing some of its DNA from arcade cult classics like Smash TV. There is no side-to-side movement, no dodging: you are rooted to the center of the screen. Your only defense against hordes of monsters are the powerful spells taught to you by Argenstrayd.

What makes Spellspun different?

In a word, Argenstrayd.

The game tracks many hidden variables. A moment of hesitation, a penchant for using a particular spell, or lack of discretion in your spellcasting habits are all taken into account by Argenstrayd. As he judges both your personality and skill level, it will change the in-game dialogue as well as the content of story segments.

A final word of warning: Spellspun is NOT easy.

Prepare to be tested.

NOTES: This is the only upload of Spellspun which will allow an ordinary player access to the developer cheat panel and automatic screenshot feature. This is because spell evolution requirements are not currently balanced, and we want to give you the chance to play with each of the 25 spells in the current build.

F11 brings up the cheat menu. This will enable you to max out your spell points, spell evolution materials, unlock every level, or even make yourself immortal. Go nuts.

F10 will slow the game down considerably, taking many screenshots at set intervals. It is not recommended (unless you are interested in making GIFs of the game. The game will save screenshots to: C:\Users\{user name}\AppData\Local\mage_turner. Hitting F10 again will disable the feature and resume normal gameplay.

Upcoming build will feature:

-Unique icons and improved art for many spell evolutions

-Credits section cleaned up

-Spell descriptions cleaned up

-Spell evolution requirements balanced

-Minor dialogue improvements

-Minor art improvements

Questions, comments, or suggestions? Simply want to connect with us? Curious about what I had for lunch?

Please contact me at: sagegonerogue@gmail.com



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